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To request any of the following workshops or to propose another, inc;ude the date, estimated number of participants, location and expected duration in your correspondence:


Criminal Justice Titles:

  • Color Me Bad! Black, Blue and You: Exploring Intersections of Race and Policing.

  • Crazy Criminal’: Race, Mental Health and Policing in the United States.


Global Education Ttitles:

  • An Ubuntu-Integrationist Approach to Short-Term Study Abroad.

  • Faculty as Global Learners: Strategies to Enhance the Transformative Impact of Leading Off-campus Programs.

  • How to Enter Culture to Gain Intercultural Competence.

  • Institutional Change and Faculty-Led Study Away: Recommendations for Policy, Practice, and Faculty Development at Liberal Arts Colleges.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, How Do We Make Sense of it All? Beyond Surface Reflection in Short-Term Study Abroad.

  • Not Just Differently-Abled, but Enabling Difference to Enhance Study Abroad for Faculty and Students.

  • One Market, Different Demographics, Competing Interests: Innovative Recruitment Strategies for Short-Term Study Abroad Programs.

  • Racial Consciousness in Global Education.

  • Using Faculty Voices to Support Practice: Improving Global Learning at Liberal Arts Colleges.

  • What Would You Do? Navigating the Challenges of Study Abroad.

  • Whose Teaching? Whose Learning? Exploring the Praxis of Teacher-Learner Collaborations in Research.

  • Worth the Investment? Liberal Arts Faculty Self-Assess the Transformative Impact of Leading Study-Abroad.


Race Gender and Privilege Titles:

  • Am I a Feminist or a Womanist? How Knowing the Difference Makes the Difference.

  • Travelling with Excess Baggage: Shedding the Burdens of Privilege in International Service-Learning Partnerships.






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