On Race and Class Privilege
On Race and Class Privilege

Race and class privilege are among some of the most difficult subjects to navigate in the classroom, especially for the novice expert in the classroom. Beyond the classroom, I also offer sessions for colleagues who need a safe environment to navigate these issues in the workplace.

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On Global Education
On Global Education

I specialize in faculty-led, short-term study abroad programming, including developing the course concept, itinerary and design, marketing and recruitment and connecting this work to research and professional development.

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On Social Media and Technology
On Social Media and Technology

In our rapidly changing technological society, how can social media use affect out teaching and learning?What is the place of technology for 21st century educators?

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To request any of the following workshops or to propose another, inc;ude the date, estimated number of participants, location and expected duration in your correspondence:


Criminal Justice Titles:

  • Color Me Bad! Black, Blue and You: Exploring Intersections of Race and Policing.

  • Crazy Criminal’: Race, Mental Health and Policing in the United States.


Global Education Ttitles:

  • An Ubuntu-Integrationist Approach to Short-Term Study Abroad.

  • Faculty as Global Learners: Strategies to Enhance the Transformative Impact of Leading Off-campus Programs.

  • How to Enter Culture to Gain Intercultural Competence.

  • Institutional Change and Faculty-Led Study Away: Recommendations for Policy, Practice, and Faculty Development at Liberal Arts Colleges.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, How Do We Make Sense of it All? Beyond Surface Reflection in Short-Term Study Abroad.

  • Not Just Differently-Abled, but Enabling Difference to Enhance Study Abroad for Faculty and Students.

  • One Market, Different Demographics, Competing Interests: Innovative Recruitment Strategies for Short-Term Study Abroad Programs.

  • Racial Consciousness in Global Education.

  • Using Faculty Voices to Support Practice: Improving Global Learning at Liberal Arts Colleges.

  • What Would You Do? Navigating the Challenges of Study Abroad.

  • Whose Teaching? Whose Learning? Exploring the Praxis of Teacher-Learner Collaborations in Research.

  • Worth the Investment? Liberal Arts Faculty Self-Assess the Transformative Impact of Leading Study-Abroad.


Race Gender and Privilege Titles:

  • Am I a Feminist or a Womanist? How Knowing the Difference Makes the Difference.

  • Travelling with Excess Baggage: Shedding the Burdens of Privilege in International Service-Learning Partnerships.