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In addition to my own philanthropic work, several organizations and charities operating across various spectrums (health, social and human services) have my support. Each of the organzations featured on this page support work in areas that are deeply personal to me and my family. I encourage you to check out the fantastic work they do and to make a charitable contribution.





The Caribbean American Medical and Scientific Association is a non-profit organization founded by my uncle, Dr. O'neall Parris, in New York in xxxx.



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 Kindest Hearts Foundation (


Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, 2010, my friend Dr. Patricia Nicholas founded the Kindest Hearts Foundation to help the people of Rourck, Haiti.


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Cancer has ravished the lives of too many in my family. The Barbados Cancer Association is a non-profit with which my family has been associated.


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The American Diabetic Association


Like cancer, diabetes is another disease that has devastated my family. The American Diabetic Association is an organization I love and trust. I highly recommend donating here.



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St. Judes Children's Research Hospital (


St. Judes description goes here.




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