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E.A.S.E., Inc.

Everyone Acts to Support Education (E.A.S.E, Inc) is the organization I use to support my educational philanthropic platform. Until we exist in a world where children of all hues in every corner of the earth can be assured the funding, skilled teachers, resources and family support they need to ensure their educational success, we should all be about the business of providing  an education with "ease" rather than the sad state of "dis-ease" in which so many systems and families find themselves.


We're doing our small part to help in any way we can, whether that's through the GLLC and promoting literacy through libraries, training and tutoring or by providing uniforms and school supplies to underserved students and classrooms. We will also organize professional development opportunities for teachers and school support staff.


Let's do it with E.A.S.E.!  Be assured that 100% of your donations will be used to support our global and national efforts. Visit our GoFund Me page at  to make your pledge or click the donate button on this page.

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